What is Spotmojo?

Spotmojo is changing the way Main Streets are built through crowdsourcing. We're a platform that connects the community, with businesses, and property owners.

We give consumers a voice.

Spotmojo let's you suggest things you'd like to see in your neighborhood. Vote on businesses that are considering your area and suggest ideas for a vacant spot or your neighborhood.

We help businesses find the perfect spot.

Spotmojo gives businesses a new way of finding the best location. Rather than looking at just traditional data, why not ask customers directly? Pitch your ideas, list the locations you're considering, and let your customers vote. Of course, the final decision is still yours.

Suggest, vote, comment.

Feedback from the community can help you attract businesses to your properties that they might not consider otherwise. Not only will this attract a new business, but a thriving one that the community actually wants.


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