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Spotmojo is a new way of marketing your properties by engaging the community that your tenants hope to serve. There's no better data point to provide your clients than to say "You have hundreds of customers waiting for you here."

Data, data, data...

First and foremost, we provide market research data direct from consumers. This information is invaluable not only to businesses looking for a new location, but also to their investors and lenders.

Help your client get financing.

Spotmojo is a new and exciting way to market your property. By engaging the community, you're engaging everyone, including future business owners and investors. We help market your property with attention grabbing posters, through social media and online media.

Don't be left out.

More and more small businesses are discovering Spotmojo and searching for demand to find their next spot. Spotmojo is referring them to neighborhoods they normally would not have considered often times because they simply didn't know about that area. Make sure your spots are well covered with Spotmojo data otherwise they won't find you.

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