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Spotmojo helps businesses with one of the most important decisions: finding the perfect location. There's no better way to gauge demand than by simply asking your customers. At the same time you'll be building relationships with your future customers and establishing your base even before spending a penny.

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Pitch your concept

Pitch your concept, list the locations you're considering and ask your customers where they want you.

Crowdsource Location Selection

You may think you know where the best spot for your new business is, but why not test it before making any large investments? Simply ask consumers in neighborhoods you're considering, let them vote, and get their direct feedback. You may find strong interest in neighborhoods that aren't even on your radar.

Build your customer base

Build your customer base before you even sign a lease. Don't make the mistake that many new businesses make by building and hope they come. Many businesses run out of money waiting. By engaging consumers early you're building a following, creating buzz, and you could have a line out the door on your grand opening.

Success Stories

Fat City Craft Meat Co - Baltimore, MD - Helped Fat City assess demand in six different neighborhoods in Baltimore. Discovered neighborhoods that were not originally on his radar. Built a customer base of over 150 motivated customers even before spending a penny.

Alameda Island Brewing Co. - Alameda, CA - Helped assess demand, get their permits, find an investor, and built a strong customer base way before even opening.


Free for businesses under 20 employees. Otherwise, $300 for businesses with over 20 employees.

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Pitch your Business here. It's free!


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