Main Street Cupertino

Stevens Creek Blvd. and Finch Ave, Cupertino, CA


The much anticipated Main Street development is getting closer and closer to materializing.
While some things appear to keep changing, I’ve confirmed with the Planning Department that the amount of space dedicated for shops and restaurants is locked down at 130,500 square feet. We would like to get your suggestions on the types of businesses you would like to see at Main Street.

I met with the planner and developer to get some information. The overall theme is to attract high-end retail and restaurants. The planner used Santana Row as an example of the style they’re working towards. There will be ten buildings that could be divided into various sizes. And there will be one large anchor tenant that will most likely be a some type of grocery store.

We would like to know what type of business and what type of grocery store you would like to see at Main Street.

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