1502 Park St.

1502 Park St, Alameda, CA


We’d like to get your feedback on the space that was once the A-1 Vacuum and Sewing shop at 1502 Park St. at Santa Clara, right next to Bank of America.

I spoke with the listing agent to see what types of businesses could work here and he gave some good guidelines. First off, it's very unlikely that it could be a restaurant. The building doesn’t have gas and it would be prohibitively expensive for anyone to install a gas line here.

The broker envisions some type of retail store. He thinks some type of apparel, shoes, etc...could work here, but would consider other uses.

The space measures 2500 square feet and rent is going to be in the $5500/month range. The rent is not cheap so it has to be something with a fairly broad appeal to stay viable.

Another note, Bank of America rents the entire building and are subleasing out this space. Because of that, and that it’s right next to a Bank of America, they wouldn’t want to lease it to a business that might offend its customers or potentially hurt its image.

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